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ELT’s Mission is to…

  • Develop and deliver ‘best in class’ Humanitarian & Emergency Logistics training
  • Deliver that training wherever it is required
  • Build the capacity of supply chain & logistics professionals
  • Support NGO’s by building surge capacity
  • Ensure the private sector is fully prepared to work in emerging markets
  • Building private sector engagement in humanitarian response


To deliver training courses in the following areas:

  • Humanitarian & Emergency Logistics
  • Emergency Logistics and Humanitarian Aid training packages
  • Disaster Logistics preparedness and planning
  • Pre-deployment training packages: for individuals, NGO staff and private companies.
  • Humanitarian supply chain management training
  • Humanitarian supply chain procurement training
  • Humanitarian distribution training
  • Humanitarian vehicle management training
  • Humanitarian operations security & safety training
  • Humanitarian operations ethics & health training


To deliver a suite of Humanitarian & Emergency Logistics (H&EL) training programs which will assist in:

  • Building the capacity of private sector Supply Chain & Logistics (SC&L) professionals so they have the required knowledge to work with NGO’s.
  • Preparing SC&L professionals for deployment overseas in support of NGO’s.
  • Working with schools, adult education and third level institutions to ensure the greatest number of people have the opportunity to receive H&EL training, opening brand new employment opportunities to a whole new range of people.
  • To go ‘into the field’ and deliver H&EL training directly to the refugees and IDP’s wherever they may be so that they increase their capacity to support themselves.
  • To build partnerships with national and local NGO’s ‘in the field’ so that we support them to build their capacity within H&EL.
  • To continuously develop new and improved courses which keep up to date with new emergencies and to learn from them.
  • To work with the private sector so that they will be properly trained prior to entering new and emerging markets which have gone through turmoil. Trade is the most sustainable way for developing countries to make progress and we want to support the private sector in being prepared for entering these new markets so that they are culturally aware, are safe and secure and are aware of the ethics required to work in these environments.

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